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10 Tips and Tricks for 8bitmmo[]

1./tele zoo and /tele megazoo are great place to make some cash! Visit them sometime![]

More about it here: [1]

2. If you're bored, or just looking for some inspiration, try /publicpad list.

Try lots of different teleports, by different people, and you'll probably find something interesting.

3.While you're farming at the zoo or megazoo, try playing music with your spacebar, or moving your finger across it in interesting ways.

4.If you can't find something on the wiki, just ask! There are many players out there who love helping other players, and the game isn't too complex, so people know everything about it.

5. If you're more of a competitive person, who's looking for action, try the PVP arenas in root. They're almost dead now, so you'll need to ask a few people to join you.

6.When you're planning a huge project, or an astounding megabuild, you'll need to plan in advance. There is a program called Usecubes, which is a 3D modeler that only uses cubes, so it can be very helpful for cost planning, or dimensions planning.

7.Wanting to be a rich player of legend, but keep spending your money, whenever you get the chance? Try buying a safe, and put it in a secure spot.

8.Don't want to spend real money on the game, but you want all those fancy plat items? Go to a platshop which offers plat items for gold. The items are very expensive, but the player who owns the shop had to use their own real money. Try /tele Platstore.

9.Many advanced players face this annoying problem: Falling into the water while you're building, or just using a highway in the new world. You can beat this problem with one block. You need to place the block as low as possible on the Z axis.

10.Finally, many players want to be famous and recognizable throughout the lands of 8bitmmo. It's less complicated than you think, just start chats with as many people as possible, and you'll gain some friends. (Don't be inactive for more than a year or so, or people will forget about you.)