Sug3r is a experienced player who just likes reading, and writing. Alot of War and adventure: The autobiography of Sug3r, and War and adventure 2: Tales of Romeep was inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's Fellowship of the ring, and The Two Towers. The book (movie rating) is PG-13, it may have passed those limits if it was allowed. The contents of the series are basically over-exaggerated true events of Sug3r's life. (And adding a whole bunch of fiction on)

NOTE: The events in all the books are based off true events. These events are literally impossible in-game and will probably never become realistic. No offense
Romeep shirt

Some art of Romeep by the author

Sug3r shirt

Some art of Sug3r by the author

to actions that occur to named players
. They are simply for authentic purposes and, thank you to the following:


Special theories of War and adventureEdit

  • The original evil base was at Snowpoint and could be forshadowing to Madman2002's presence in the series.
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