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Remember the game when nobody had a army? I dont think you remember that time. A Lord of a army. He is actually not evil but some players may think that about him. He always tries to recruit people to the Mafia. He is always buying illegal items too, when he hears that someone has illegal items. He is also a quest giver that gives mystical missions by phones.



After almost 2 years, he is back, but probaly not back to stay, since he is pretty... uh... let's just continue on with the rest of the text.

"I'm sorry, but I'm pretty busy, so I'll just get online now and then" -Ankos

Note: That motto was actually written by Ankos himself, and we're not lying about it, why would we, I mean like, he's Ankos, nobody lies about Ankos except for Ankos... or... yeah... nobody else. Now back to the text again. His main base resides just outside of a town, the name of the town shall remain unknown, to protect inhabitants identity. He also has many bases and outposts inside towns, however that's none of your business. Now describing him again. He usually wears grass hair, a green or purple shirt, and has skin color 1 or 3, he also has a pocket town, which is way more secret than his buildings in the open world. His buildings often have a mafia flag on them.

CRATE Vaults

As of April 2015, when Ankos is back, to stay, atleast for another while, he launched the CRATE, which is a cheaper version of a mystery box, it's only 350g and can contain anything, even plat items. That's pretty cheap, but back on topic, he's owning 2 vaults so far, and has sold over 50 CRATEs total, that's pretty many, right? He also got a CRATE Hub at /tele CRATE Hub. He also wants to have an exclusive item added in-game, the CRATE Tux, image in gallery, if I get it added... dumb electronic, internet, thing... Oh, yes? The CRATE's became a great success when they started. So far it've costed over 150k for Ankos to make these 3 vaults.