Intro[edit | edit source]

Hello, and welcome to my info page. I currently live in the wilderness, making connected roads between islands. I haven't built in a bit, except for my new house. However, I am a skilled fighter, with a red sword, laser gun, and pixel pistol (as I like to call it, compared to being called a pixel gun). I used to be online often. I was know what? Let's get to the categories, so this page is more organised.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Melee[edit | edit source]

  • Red sword

Ranged[edit | edit source]

  • Laser gun
  • Pixel pistol

Brothers[edit | edit source]

I have two brothers: AwesomeDan2 and Unknown3000. Say hello to them!

Friends[edit | edit source]

  • My brothers, respectively.
  • setk (mayor of British Columbia)
  • Value
  • The Epic Pixel (mayor of Pixel Island - ask him for citizenship!)
  • MUDKIP123

Stats[edit | edit source]

Dangerous-ness: Very dangerous, but sometimes a bit stupid.

Intelligence: High, but not too high. Can blink out occasionally.

Strength: Very strong. Approach with caution, unless you are not hostile.

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