What is Capitol?Edit

Capitol is the 3rd Town of Scratso, and is the centre of the Scoot Empire. It was once literally named 'Scoot' though this was later changed.

Capitol is designed to be one of the rare towns that has 1 special effects on the plot: CELLARS/BASEMENTS! Scoot is elevated to level 16/24 on the Z-Axis and has hidden tunnels and cellars underneath the town.


​​These images may not be up-to-date, Last Imagery Update: 03/08/2013

Scoot Townstone Area

Scoot tunnels

Scoot Tunnel System and Cellars.

Governing Players:Edit

  1. Scratso [Mayor]
  2. Meep42 & Meep43
  3. Sim9
  4. [REMOVED] zombies killer {Player removed from Governing due to removal of grass and unnecesary block placing}
  5. [REMOVED] SnakeZXZ *
  6. [REMOVED] Trololo *
  7. [REMOVED] logan24s *
  8. [REMOVED] coolnes96 * - (all *s: These governing players were kicked from the Governing board due to griefing of the Town Walls.)


  1. Telepad to PsychoticSmiley's Error 404 Town Not Found 5 which is connected to Root.


  1. Bastion Telepad Certification [Automatic due to Telepad Linkage]
  2. Peaceville Telepad Certification.
  3. Double-Root Town Certification. [Given by Sim9]

Naming Helpers:Edit

  1. Sim9.

"Many thanks to all who helped and we hope for more Telepad links soon!"


Scratso (talk) 17:17, June 1, 2013 (UTC)


Capitol was recently restarted to elevate it to the levels stated at the top of this page. All buildings were torn down in the process.

Capitol recently had a Concentric-Castle style walls system built around the town, and the surrounding zones are being grassed to stop griefers/trollers. {REMOVED}

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