Cars were first created en masse in 8BitMMO on around the 19/01/13. They are mostly created just for appearance, as there is no practical way to move them, although a few are fitted with telepads.

There exist many different types of cars, designed only to suit the owner's preferences. Some players try and sell cars to others.

Cars for use as a form of transport have been in demand for a while, although it is currently unknown whether they will ever be added.


  • Delwhacker currently sell sports vehicles, motorbikes and vans from New Rome.
  • Meep Industries currently only have 1 motorbike available to buy, but have a range of 4x4s coming into production soon and are working on a line of sports cars. They have no established HQ as of yet.

Important developmentsEdit

  • On the 19/01/13, the first motorbikes were created by Delwhacker Sport
  • On the 19/01/13, Meep Industries developed the first car with working doors, previous cars having been only 3 blocks wide at most
  • On the 20/01/13, the first car was sold, for 65g, by Meep Industries, to MysticSnow

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