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I am Supersam. Let's get to the fact that this is Castelia's life. Castelia is my town, So there. Now,I'm the mayor of (1) this page, and (2) Castelia.Therefore, I can change this page to be a page about Castelia. So let's get on with it.

The Start of Castelia[]

I had a lot of gold in hand, walking around the Zoo. But It was a time of war, so i got outta there with my money, when i heard, "Kjh787: Selling plat items in Bastion!" I dashed over there to get a couple of plat items. I decided to get a townstone, and place it in my P.U! (pocket universe) So, I invited swaggerton over. He said i could grow, and I agreed. But, the next day...

Day 2[]

Whoa, this is awesome swag! I zoomed arount the new roads and side nature, and tried to get in the Void, to no sucsess. He had built walls. But later that day, I had acsepted 3 citizens, and that was it.

To be continued...