Welcome to the Fanfiction section! Here is where we feature your stories!

Whether it's a story regarding your character or an attempt at Head Canon, we'll take all you have to offer.

Now, do NOT write your story on this page. This is the category page, its only purpose is to feature the stories.

"Well then what am I supposed to do?" Well, I'm glad you asked.

The way you actually write your fic is by making an entirely new page. Once you are done creating your magnum opus, on the bottom there should be a "Add Category" button. Click on it and type in "Fanfiction" and hit the "Save" button. At that point your fic will be listed here on this page.

One thing I would really like to happen is that we develop a writing community here on the wikia. And that means we swap stories, share tips, critique each other's works; that sort of thing. Help each other become better writers. Let's see if that works out.


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