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"In the realm of 8bitloria, there are a number of races. The most prominent races being the Humans, Lawer Cats, Zombies and Dragons. Each race has a function that keeps the balance fo our world.

The Humans are the builders, they create grand structures and keep the Lawyer Cats in check.

Likewise, the Lawyer Cats, although violent and annoying, serve as the natural defenders of the realm, slashing everything that crosses thier path that is not one of their own.

The Zombies, well known for their combat skills, guard the Region of Rot, keeping the spirits of the dead within from unleashing their undead terror upon the rest of the realm.

The Dragons are a mysterious race. Mysterious as in it's a mystery they haven't torched us all to the ground yet. The Dragons serve as intemediaries for the races. They educate the Humans on how to build thier structures.They keep the Laywer Cats from destroying everything, guiding them towards actual dangers to our realm. They teach the Zombies how to negate the power of the dead and to safeguard the living. I don't know why they go out of their way like this but I guess someone has to."----Excerpt from The Encylcopedia 8bitia

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