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The war and adventure series (started by Sug3r) is a series created out of almost sheer boredom, or trying out his fanfiction skills. He used to simply hand-write short stories by himself pertaining to cartoons and whatnot, but one day he tried his luck at an online-fanfiction. And made more! In his spare time he'll add chapters. Enjoy! (This page also lists recurring characters.) Quick guide: Look at the sorting by first letter thing, and find "W" those are the books. This series may do a cross-over at some point with Madman2002's fanfic: War and Peace. A fan fiction by madman2002. There are nine highly planned books in the series.


If you would like some backstory read this:

War and adventure 0: The first days of Sug3r

The first book:

The second in the series:

And the planned conclusion:

And a possible spin-off series:

  • War and adventure the new adventures 1: Ultimate Team
  • War and advenure the new adventures 2: Robby X

A spin-off series about The Great War and about the life of RobbyZ:

  • Tales of The Great War 1: Declaration of war
  • Tales of The Great War 2: Negotiations
  • Tales of The Great War 3: Victorious!

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