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Chaos, aka the time traveler is a mysterious creature. One may say he's a ninja, others may refer to him as a handsome prince. One thing is for certain though; You don't mess with this guy.

Born from a family of 8 laywer cats. He learned quickly that if he wanted to survive in this 8bit world he'd have to adapt to the lawyer cat's way of life. For 10 long years he hunted with the infamous cats, hunting down innocent wanderers that didn't know how to place a block or how to open their inventory. For weeks on end he would sarifice blood and sweat for his lawyer cat family.

All was well in the world until he came face to face with a player known as "sunare" this vicious villian wanted nothing more than to cause harm to Chaos. The 2 of them stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity when finally sunare took a leap forward and tried to stab Chaos through the heart. Chaos, with his cat like reflexes quickly dodged his blow. Back to where they were, the 2 just continued to stare at each other....waiting. All of the sudden Chaos's father came running behind Chaos. "Meowwwww" he said, stating that he was ready to aid him if needed. Seeing this moment of opportunity, Sunare quickly jumped forward and sliced Chaos's father's head off. Enraged with furry Chaos stabbed Sunare in the heart, then continued to stab him in the eyes until he was dead.

Chaos walked up to his father, tears running down his face. "Father what am I to do now? What about our people?". His father looked at him in the eyes; gathered up enough strength for one more word and said, "meow".From that day on Chaos vowed to kill anybody who shall cause harm to the lawyer cat kingdom. Anybody who dare even think about harming his people.

One day when Chaos was near Orgin stealing free grass for his people, he thought of an idea. An idea that was so crazy that one might call him a mad man. What if he created a town and lured people in? How could this benefit his lawyer cat kingdom? He pondered over this idea for days and finally came up with a plan. He would gather people from across the land and have them live in this "town" he would then wall off the entire town so they would be trapped, and after gathering enough people he would release toxic lawyer cat gas that would turn anybody and everybody into a lawyercat. Yes...this plan was perfect. As he congratulated himself with a self high-five he walked into the wilderness ready to create his lawyer cat project....

...to be continued...