• Maximum HP = 18 at level 6
  • Respawns when HP=0, or by leaving the map, or by issuing respawn command.
  • Respawning restores HP to maximum. You can restore 3 HP to your health via eating 'Chicken' available from Home section of the shop.
  • Hostile NPCs do 0..12 HP damage per hit. No armor.


  • Can not do damage without a weapon equipped.
  • Weapons do 1-10 HP damage per hit and can hit multiple enemies at once.


  • Inventory holds 250 items.
  • Items can not be unintentionally lost (by dying, for example).


  • Characters carry gold and plat(inum).
  • There is a gold timer for the amount of gold collected per 45 minute cycle.


  • The shop interface is always available.


Note: details are based on in-game experiments and may be imprecise.


  • Speeds in x and y directions are independent, meaning that they are not adjusted for diagonal movement.
  • Horizontal speed is not affected by climbing, falling, or attacking.

Speed depends on the material being walked on:

  • approx. 5.5 spans per second normally
  • 2x normal on road blocks
  • 1/2 normal on sand blocks

Climbing and Falling

  • Characters can walk over physical obstacles of 8 pixels, but not 10 pixels.
  • They can walk while falling.
  • Descent speed while falling is 3/4 of walking speed.

Crossing gaps


Climbing, falling, and crossing gaps.

Player characters do not begin falling until completely past any supporting ground.
This means that they fall at a different distance from the edge depending on which direction they go, because they are 12 pixels wide in the X direction but practically flat in the Y direction.

This together with the fall:walk speed ratio and maximum climbable height tells us how high the character can land after "fall-walking" across a gap.

Where "gap" is the number of cells:

Direction of travel Relative Maximum Landing Height (pixels)
Y north/south 8 - ( gap x 12 )
X east/west 17 - ( gap x 12 )


Characters can not move through solid obstacles.

  • 8bmo-charhitbox

    Player character hitbox and hotspot.

    The character graphic is on the front face of the hitbox.
  • The main body shape is fixed relative to the hitbox, while arms and feet vary.
  • The horizontal offset is the same regardless of the character's direction, not flipped.
  • The hotspot is where the character's location matches the world pixel coordinates.
Character hitbox dimensions (pixels)
Height Width Depth
6 12 1

Special case: They can climb through a diagonal join walking north or south, but not reliably. This behaviour is not confirmed as a permanent feature and might be 'fixed' in future.

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