Any wearable item in 8bitmmo.

Clothes cannot be traded or sold, with the exception of Retsejnomis' Beard, Xerp's "water" and Kjh787's Rainbow top hat. (Custom items for purchasing over 1000 dollars of plat during Octoberbit)

There are 3 categories of clothing items, Hats, Shirts, and Accessories.

Hats Edit

"Anything you put on your head"

Steam hat-shop

Steam Hat

Steam hat-character

Steam Hat Edit

Shop Description: "It's made of steam"

Cost: $10 plat pack on steam (also included in $20 pack)




Multihat Edit

Shop Description: "Yo dawg, I hear you like hats..."

Cost: $20 plat pack on steam

Roof hat-shop

Roof Hat

Roof hat-player

Roof Hat Edit

Shop Description: "Keep the rain off by wearing a roof tile on your head."

Cost: 100g

Santa hat-player
Santa hat-shop

Santa Hat

Santa Hat Edit

Shop description: "Ho, ho, ho!"

Cost:1000g (Limited time only)


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