Electro. Founded by: Pikachu789.

Citizens (Wall Era)

Mayor: Pikachu789 

Officials: Revenge , Sim9 , Appadox

Members: Vick, Ugkxninja, Grim Master Death, 9storm, adventurer, lasa62, mattyyugi, Zloc6, Mrskeller,

ArcaseCastMame, Flameon122, Ryton, Jpwall, Shredderlew, Ankos, zxc12321cxz, Aster11345, ldadsfx,

Nibrudly, Brianarose53027, Mattie0, Sansondestroyer, Samsondestroyer1313, Nickpwned,

PsychoticSmiley, OwlFlame, Meep42, Emily4457, Netta101, Ahmej, Kjh787, Dashiel, Calawb, Bucky, Riggo123,

Trololo, Scratso


I will now begin remaking Electro to bring it back to it's former glory.


The Electro wall consisted of 1233 blocks total. As of today the number of blocks is 0. The wall era is over.

Electro used to be filled with glory and life. It was pikachu789's first town. He loved it so much. He got into a war with Trololo from the town Red Snow. The war ended peacefully. After that the town was griefed so then I quit the game for months, coming back every once in a while. Electro was then considered abandoned and left completely destroyed with all of it's havoc from the grief remaining. I started doing repairs just so the town would look decent. Then I realized that not even a miracle could dig my town out of it's pit.


Electro during the Wall Era.

6/~/15 - 4/~/16

Electro is now rebuilt and grander than ever before. Though there is not a current picture to give now, the grass surrounding Electro grows ever bigger to further prevent the corruption of the land by noobs that can't build anything nice. It is my duty to make sure Electro has a grandiose landmass that will speak out on the megamap.

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