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March 2015, Wilderness. WildernesSpy cameras picked up strange lag near [/tele zoo]. Upon further investigation, the lag was fixed. No lag reported in area for 3 days. Lag was picked up again at [/tele port]. Grim was suspected, but upon questioning had said he had visited neither areas in those timeframes. 1 week 2 days afterwards, root had a disturbance. Mass lag was picked up, and near the Player Quest Pad a "White Telepad" was reported. Nobody seemed to know what this was, or how it got there. Upon questioning sim9, he reported an unfinished "Dungeon Telepad" had been sent to Primary Server by accident. He explained the odd nature of the block: "It is white because it was supposed to be able to be colored, but isn't implemented yet. The random teleportation is because the game simply doesn't know where to put it. It can teleport anywhere, at anytime. Deleting this block will be quite difficult." sim9 sent out all mods in a full search of the game to get rid of the block before the server couldn't handle the stress anymore. Unfortunatly, this caused most mods to be inactive for days. Grim found it first, but upon picking it up his game crashed. Further attempts at relogging resulted in more crashes. Retsejnomis was shot down next, when he tried to teleport. This time the results were much more disasterous. He was down for 2 weeks while his avatar was recovered and teleported to root. sim9 cancelled the search, and simply extended the 2am SERVER REBOOT FUN TIME by an hour. As of this date, the "White Telepad" is currently still active in the world. Warnings are put up when it has been timed to teleport. A "safe zone" has been created for mass lag problems caused by the "White Telepad". sim9 has since recovered all broken mod accounts, and the servers have stabilized. Many theories have surfaced for the block's odd behavior, but 2 have gained immense popularity: the "Unknown Location" theory and the "Grim" theory. The "Unknown Location" theory states that the telepad tries to teleport the player to a set of coordinates that simply don't exist. The "Grim" theory, named after the lag caused by Grim Master Death's mass inventory lag, states that since the code was not finished, the inventory item exists and doesn't exist at the same time, causing the player to glitch. Both theories explain all mod troubles, but sim9 has not confirmed any as of this date.

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