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The fee door is an item in 8bitmmo that can be found under the 'doors' category under 'construction.' To open a fee door you have to type /fdo to open the door. You have to pay to open a feedoor and to pay you type /fdo. When you type /fdo gold will be taken from your current gold count. You cannot open the door if you do not have enough gold. To find out how much the fee is go to the door and press 'e'. The Maximum fee is 4000 gold and opens for 10 seconds when opened.There is a left and right facing fee door, both costing 5 platinum. The base color is orange and the handle is green, showing that it is a fee door.

Owners of a feedoor press "e" to open the door. Any gold earned by a feedoor is transferred to the owner when they open it.

Random feedoor fact: After a feedoor owner opens a feedoor and retrieves the gold from it, they will not be able to retrieve gold from another feedoor for approximately 10 more seconds.