Day 1: The World of 8BitMMO Edit

So... how I started was that I belonged to a family of Lego People. One of the last Clan of 5 clans in the Lego Nation. I was sent down here by my family, thinking I could earn help from the outside world called 'Earth 00-9'. It was a mistake. I was sent down to a world called '8BitMMO' and landed in a stranger's house. There was so many reminders of home. The Pixels, the blocks, wait. The blocks look weird.... oh no! The portal went! I talked to the stranger and offered a friendly gesture but replied with anger. Forced to do things for this inferior 'RobbyZ'. I then finally had a chance through the 'Tardis'. But missed it, taking the teleport to Root.

Day 2: Quests for Nothing Edit

Zombies and Dragons? I admit, this is some what cool but very strange. Did some quest and then finally released from the Prison. I had nothing and was scarred with the 3 claws on the back. I was hungry, tired from quests, so I took refuge in the wild, hoping for abandoned houses. Attacked more for gold, pocketing it, afforded a King's Chicken.

Day 3: Refuge Edit

I found a town, which had many strangers. One stood out as he had a top hat. He was Jamesich. I asked for help as he quickly conjured magic, healing many things except my scar. He said I can start building if I paid him a ransom. I found a zoo, which many fools died from. Taking the sword, I slashed many enemys until I could pay the price. Life turned around

Day 4: Time for a fail Edit

Built my house no under for 10 minutes and were told 'a disgrace'. I see pride and I called it my home. It was comfortable with Chicken Roof and a pool.

Day 5: Friends Edit

I started making friends as I make rich friends, I notice evil lurking behind. Something, like a Crisis. Well, I'll ignore it

Day 59: Towns Edit

Ahhhh, enough for a town. I start doing all the classic town things with my new vice dragonic.

Day 60: WAR Edit

I venge war on the threat I was warned about. CRiSiSiDENTiTY.

Day 100: Peace may overcome all Edit

I made peace with my enemy. He died valiantly with 8Bit Cancer, meaning I had been left. Good Bye, this is what has happened until I was very well known. Based on a true player.

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