Fountain town Fountain is a town. Alex82 is the mayor, vice mayors are PyoroLoli and potato_man9. There is a Town Hall too.

Come and drink a relaxing cup of tea :D

The townEdit

It has a casino, a bar and much more. There are excellent roads too.


Fountain is a town made by alex82. It was sold by imtheboss56_56 and alex82 bought it. Then he started to clear junk, delete citizens... And finish the town. The first mayor was erijon3, but due to an error, alex82 removed erijon3 from his town.

Alex82 officiated another vice: Pyorololi. Pyorololi is an excellent vice-mayor and he gave a Publicpad to the town. Thanks to him, the town started to become famous. But something bad happened; Alex82 faked his death and he was inactive for 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks, pyorololi thought that alex82 left the game. So he sold the Publicpad. After the two weeks, the town lost the publicpad and a part of the population.

Potato_man9 was hired for the town for expanding the town, but he NEVER expanded it. So finally, the town became unpopular and small.

Alex82 found a solution: Create another town and start again. The second town was in his Pocket Universe, And here started THE CREPPYPASTA TOWN.

The Creppypasta town was famous, because alex82 had posted a forum about it in the forums. But he doesn't get citizens? No. That city was a secret town that only 5 people know the design of how it's made. Is it secret? Yes. Is it creppy? Yes. Is it popular? Yes. Is it...?

Now alex82 is in his town of Creppypasta, building it.

On 07/07/2014, alex82 removed all the Creppypasta town to put it in the web. after too much, he published his game. "8bitmmo"

Later, on 04/09/2014, alex82 added shadowoflight, is second best friend, like an off. He started good, but he didn't nothing, like potatoman_9.

In two months, alex82 deleted ALL vices and offs. Why? Because nobody helped he. Then he kicked and deleted a mid part of the town. So now it is very small.

At 30/11/2014, The town passed to be a popular and big town again. There was a lot of people that liked the town.

4 months later, the town was abandoned on the darkness. Nobody said nothing about it in that time...


Rules to enter inEdit

1. Don't build outside your plot.

2. Build your house in 1 day. 

3. Don't build warehouses.

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