Fridgetopia is a slowly growing town mayored by Sug3r. It consists of the following citizen(s).

Sug3r aka Aaron in his house in Fridgeville

VISIT IT AT /tele Fridgeville

NOTE: FRIDGTOPIA IS NOW FRIDGEVILLE DUE TO A GAME BUG! (Now currently locked down until rent on pubpad is paid. Sorry for the inconveinence)


Fridgetopia has a few attractions:

  • The dedication park.
  • The invention of "bullet" plots.
  • FREE plots!

Story Of Fridgeville IRL Chapter 1

One day Sug3r (IRL) aka Aaron was sitting around in his house (IRL). He sighed due to his complete boredom. He decided to check his PC to see if 8BitMMO had had any updates as of late. He started up his favorite way to play it, Desktop Edition. He looked to the right of his monitior to see if there was anything new. "Loading, loading, loading." He said. He then thought about his satellite internet and that it had poor bandwidth, so he didn't expect much. The loading had completed, there, the newest update, there was something that would change his 8Biter's life forever.

Story Of Fridgville IRL Chapter 2

The update logs said something along the lines of: NEW UPDATE! POCKET TOWNSTONES! ONLY 5,00G! A townstone for gold! I thought. I promptly logged on and bought one. I needed a name, a name for my town. Fridgtopia! Good one! Then a few days later there was a game bug that turned my town name into Fridgeville. Nevertheless, my town needed a destiny, my towns' destiny was to give shelter to the needing. I told Value, and my bro (IRL), Romeep to come overto see my town. They liked it. Then I decided to make some plots, the "Bullet Plots" were successful and I made a deal that I could "merge" bullet plots together for you if you bought both plots.

Story of Fridgeville IRL Chapter 3

I have some citizens!

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