"Glitchblocking" is the placement of blocks to make visual candy for the eyes... you could call this cheating or exploiting but i call it art while other fellow glitchblockers use it to make things look cool!!!

examples of types of glitchblocking include but are not limited to zlock spamming repeatedly pressing r button with a block and there are other glitchblocking designs that are more simple like paper stacking

the art of paper glitchblocking consists of paper and the item you want to build with... first you buy or obtain the paper. then you place the stacks of paper to the desired height and length... then you place the blocks you want to place at the specific height you want them at and lastly you remove the paper when you are done..... this is a glitchblocked slug made out of plastic and tvs

8bitmmo glitchblocking

this glitchblocking page was founded by kiolo in 16/8/ 2016

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