Grim was not always the master of death, find out about how he gained his powers and other misadventures about him.

Prolouge: thantos hadesEdit

Long long ago, not long after the first pixel of 8bitmmo was made, a child was born. This child was a tough young lad. He educated himself and learnt how to protect him self from the mobs of the wild but alas, one day, the hipster clan of Unum came and attacked the Hades household. The hipsters were ruthless and stabbed everything in sight. Cronot Hades, thanatos' father, was a skilled warrior and managed to fend of the hipsters for a while, but the clan of hipsters where too many in numbers and he was overwhelmed and killed. His dying words were directed at his son " run". the family cook ran away carrying the young thantos with his mother by their side. Then out of nowhere, a fierce hipster jumped out and lashed it's chain around Mrs. Hades. She got caught up in the chain and fell to the floor with a thump! she realized there was no hope of her escaping now that she was surrounded by hipsters so she withdrew her dagger, sliced through the chains and stood up ready for battle. she lashed out her dagger, striking a hipster in the eye. Kicked another hipster in the guts then slit it's throat but the numbers were too overwhelming and she died next to her husband.


  • note this part is from thanatos' perspective

Miho ran quickly towards the exit. I looked at the sweat running down his head, i could tell he was panicking. I asked if he was tired but he simply replied with a gruff no. At last we reached the exit and ran out towards the country side. There we would be safe, away from danger. There i could train in the arts of 8bit-fu to avenge my father. As a young child i longed to learn 8bit-fu, my parents were both 8bit-fu grandmasters how ever they did not let me practice the art as they said: " i don't want you to grow up to be like us." I wasn't sure what it meant at first but now i realized. Father and mother were hit men hired to kill mobs. they must have killed someone from the Unum clan of hipsters which is why the hipsters attacked us. I'm sorry father and mother but i must disobey you, i must learn 8bit-fu.


For months i wandered the country side with miho, in search of a great 8bit-fu master. Then one fateful day i came across a 8bit-fu master named Porping. Under porping's guidance i quickly flourished into a great 8bit-fu student. After training with Porping for 426 days poring came up to me and said "my young bitawan, you are ready to face the world outside. remember it is a cruel world and u will be given 2 paths to walk down; the path of good or the path of evil, choose wisely but always remember, sometimes the world doesn't need a hero but a monster. Now come, Have one last sip of tea with me." we walked over to the bamboo table in the middle of the old shack. we began to sip on some soothing herbal tea. "now before you go, i have something to give you" porping told me. He grabbed a old blue mat lying on the floor and pulled it up with one might pull. underneath the mat was a secret hidden door (cliche much) and he opened it. There was an old rugged wooden chest inside the secret hole and porping opened it up. Inside were a red sword, a ninja mask, a ninja suit and a top hat. " now my young student, take these and run! RUN I TELL YOU! don't come back here again for next time i will not be here, after all, i am a wandering traveler." porping told me. i grabbed the contents and thanked porping for all he had done, then as fast as the wind, miho and i ran away.


after a while i heard a loud scream from the shack. I ran quickly in the direction back to my master porping. I slammed open the door but what i found was not pleasant. Porping's body lay on the floor, covered in blood, surrounding him were evil laywercats. they all stared at me viciously. suddenly one leaped out at miho and i and the others followed. Miho jumped in front of me, blocking a lawyercat claw that saved my life. Miho slumped to the ground, lifeless. i swiftly ran out the door with the laywercats in hot pursuit but since i'm the main character of this story, none of the lawyercat's claws hit me. eventually i shook them of my trail. by now i was in the middle of nowhere so i began to build.........UP.

Altar in the sky

i spent days building upwards into the endless sky of the8bit realm, i was about to give up in search of enlightenment and return to the ground below when i saw it. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky. It was a great shining altar. i felt a rush of excitement and began to climb at a alarming pace, at last i reached the altar. I climbed up onto the hard ground of the altar. I looked around, no one was in sight. suddenly i heard a voice.

"WHAT BRINGS YOU HERE?!!!" a voice boomed

" i am a simple traveler" i replied

"YOU MUST BE HIGHLY SKILLED IF YOU MADE IT UP HERE" his voice rang through the altar

from behind the altar, a dark misty figure appeared. It rushed forward at me, knocking me back with a powerful thrust.

"i would be careful if i were you. after all it is dangerous falling with swords and the lag from falling off here could kill you" the mysterious man smirked

i glared at him, determined to show him who's the boss. I charged at him withdrawing my sword with one powerful swift thrust. but his instincts were fast. from his cloak a long smooth staff was withdrawn. Our weapons collided in an epic brawl. i leaped into the air, reflecting the sun from my blade to blind his eyes. then i put all my bit-chi into my arm and landed with a powerful swing of my sword. but the figure had disappeared. i felt a tap on my back, alarmed i turned around to see the mysterious man behind me.

"ho ho, I'm impressed that you have mastered control over your bit-chi and using the sun, that's a cunning move. any ordinary person would have been sliced in 2" he chuckled

"any ORDINARY person? If you're not ORDINARY then who are you?"i asked him

"you questions will be answered, all in due time, but i ask you, what is it you seek?" The mysterious man asked me

" I came up here to find a way to grow stronger, Please mister, Teach me your 8bit-fu!" i begged him

"really? You want to learn MY 8bit-fu? My 8bit-fu is no ordinary 8bit-fu, it is an ancient version of 8bit-fu known as 1bit-fu, it is a dangerous and dark art, are you still sure you want to learn from me?" The man asked me

" YES I AM SURE!" i nodded my head eagerly

"Well then, first you must past the test, the test that i, Chaos master of 1bit-fu created! First you must climb over a series of mountains, get across a large lake full of dire game reviewers and game reviewers,then you enter the grand bityon, full of many mazes, after getting through the maze you must climb up mt bitmo, a snowy mountain full of dangerous mobs, then enter a cave guarded by a dangerous dragon and many blocktrolls and game reviewers. inside this cave is another map and you must follow the direction on the map which shall lead you to a cavern behind a waterfall where you shall find a jewel encrusted red sword. then bring that back here, to the altar in the sky and i shall take you as my pupil and teach you the dangerous art of 8bit-fu.

i soaked in every single word chaos said and i felt a certain feeling, a feeling of determination. i went to grab my red sword but chaos quickly intercepted me, he told me that in order to complete this quest properly, i must only use a white sword. he pointed in the direction of a large chest, i walked towards it and opened it up. inside was the most horrible, rusty, plain, white sword i have ever seen and along with it were clothing items which chaos said i MUST wear cause it made me look funny. so i put on the red shirt, glasses, and roof hat, and attached the white sword to my belt. i peered over the edge of the altar and stared down, all i could see was white fluffy clouds.

"um chaos, how am i going to get down?" i questioned

"why by jumping of course!" he replied

"JUMPIN....?!!!!!" chaos shoved me as a i descended into the clouds below.

just let me say, plummeting head first is not the best experience, falling from a zaxis height of 9000 caused me extreme lag and by the time i hit solid ground i felt like i had just fought of a whole clan of dire game reviewers. i slowly stood up, the side affects of lag still effecting my system. i looked around at my surroundings, i was surrounded by sand, cacti and the occasional tumbleweed that flew across the screen. reaching into my backpack i felt around for the map chaos had given me, i pulled it out carefully and unrolled it.

the towering mountain

"hmmm so it looks like the mountains should be that way." i said pointing in the direction of a series of massive mountains.

the mountains were only 3regions away so i began to walk towards them, knowing i would need my energy for an encounter with wild mobs. after a hour or so, the sun had risen to the highest point and i found myself at the foot of the mountain. i stared up at the devastatingly tall mountain.

"great sim9, this mountain is tall!" i exclaimed

i reached into my inventory and bought out the grappling hook. i slowly began to spin around, rope in both hands, gathering momentum and swinging the hook around. finally i released the rope in one hand and watched as the hook flew towards the mountain and dug into the hard dirt on the side. i tugged on the rope to make sure the hook had a firm grip in the dirt, as expected the hook did not budge. climbing up the mountain was no easy task, but with he power of musical montages i reached the top in a Giffy. (insert musical montage). the wind was strong at the top of the mountains, i held onto my roof hat so it wouldn't fall off. the glasses protected my eyes from the swirling dust and it also had special zoom in functions. looking across the horizon i zoomed in on a chicken, carelessly wondering the side of the mountain under 1 region away. i called upon my trusty grappling hook and flung it towards the mountain, and attached a hook to my harness and the grappling hook rope and gracefully-ish slid down the rope and reached the other mountain. from there i located the chicken and quietly approached it, making sure not to startle it. i drew out my white sword which gleamed under the suns powerful shine and lunged at the chicken. the chicken, predicting my lunge ran out of the way and instead of my sword digging into chicken flesh, it dug into the dirt. i quickly got up and stared at the chicken, furious that it had escaped. i continued to lunge at it,each time i had no success so in fury i ran up to the chicken, grabbed it by the neck and stabbed it. funnily enough, when i ran up to the chicken it did not run or try to avoid me. the sun had started to set, and by now the sky was painted red and purple. now i had no shelter but i was content, because i had a raw chicken. then it struck me, since im in a mountain, there must be a cave! sure enough, right around the corner there was a cave that looked quite safe. i walked in and set up camp. night had fallen and i could no longer see as the cave was even darker so i lit up a fire using my oven that i just so happened to be able to fit into my inventory as the heat source. that was when i heard the snarling of the hipster in the corner. alarmed i drew my white sword and prepared my self for battle. i quickly placed my homestone so in case i died, i could come back. i ran up to the hipster and swung my sword at it but the hipster was too fast, he had struck me 3 times and my health had gone down from 3 to 0. when i regained consciousness i was at root, surrounded by a fake robbyz, a dragon, and a zombie. i quickly teleported back to my home using the secret art of /home. what i found was disgusting, revolting and it scarred me forever. the hispter was attempting to eat my chicken. i screamed at the hispter and ran up to it and using my red sword i stabbed it right in the heart, 6 dmg right there! just enough to kill a hipster but surprisingly the hipster struck back. i called a time out and i asked the hipster

"aren't you meant to be dead?"

" hsuklhdjuslafhsd translation: um no you only did 1 dmg with that puny white sword of yours" he said


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