• Hamsterdam

    Hamsterdam Square and it's mayor showing his capitalist ideas.

    INFO: Hamsterdam
    is a town placed in a pocket universe. Because of most citizens beng pretty new and financially unstable, if you need more time to make the house because of costs, just tell the mayor. He says it's not a big deal as long as you gradually finish it.
  • RULES: Building outside designated spots is not allowed, there is 1/4 refund if you leave by request and NO refund when you get kicked out for mischief, building full cement exterior and/or unfinished houses is NOT allowed. Town plots are 6X6 and cost 250G. But you can also make the plot bigger, by taking more plots, every extra plot is double the price.

Mayor: Pixelplayer2 (in game), SneakySneakers (forums).

Vice Mayor: currently unelected

Officials: ViliusR.

Dear pixelplayer2, this is ViliusR. Meet me in game pls.

  •     TRIVIA: 

Hamsterdam is based on Amsterdam , the capital of The Netherlands. It lies in the province North Holland.

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