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Hell is a dungeon, hidden under the surface of the wilds through the gates of Hell is the underworld known as Hell. Down here all kinds of evil hides away waiting for the day to return to the surface... The mayor is Value. This is also the place where a player quest takes place in one of the south towers (you need to be lv 4 to enter). To get into the town you have to pay a fee of 20 gold if you aren't a citizen. However /tele Free, will take you to 'Hell HQ' (it has a fee door to go to the town of Hell too for 20 gold) which also contains a gold reward for the 'Free Gold' player quest.


  • No building outside your plot. Buildings should have no more than 2 floors (7 blocks high). If you break the height restriction then your blocks will be removed. If you require a building with many floors, then contact Value for prices.
  • If your building isn't meeting the standards of keeping within your plot, I will put down a sign you have 3 days to correct it or the blocks will be removed.
  • If your building isn't completed within a week (without my permission e.g family emergency, holiday etc) then it will be removed. Sorry
  • No dropping keys or other random blocks outside your own plot. Anyone caught doing it will have the citizenship removed WITHOUT a refund. Furthermore any other misconduct in the town will result in your citizenship being removed.