Story Line

"When the Great War was in its early days, and before the tragedy of Clow, there were some humans who actually fought for the Cats. These were the rabble-rousers, the ones who thought they would assert their individuality by going against the status quo. Sim9 said they closely resembled a social group in his world who were known as "Hipsters." As displeasing as it was, many Hipsters were slain alongside the Cats as the Great War began to rear its ugly head."-Excerpt taken from The Encyclopedia 8bitia

One of the many requests made by players was to add more mobs to the game. In answer to this-as Robby Zinchak was devloping the Mob Spawners for regular use-he created the "Hipster" mob. (Thus keeping to the theme of naming mobs after "un-popular" social classes.)

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