8bitmmo has over 600,000 registered users!Edit

8BitMMO crossed the 40,000 user mark as of 8/6/2012.

8BitMMO crossed the 45,000 user mark as of 9/11/2012 8bitMMO crossed the 50,000 user mark as of 11/17/12

8BitMMO crossed the 500,000 user mark as of March 2014.

The history of 8BitMMO.

In the Early Days before the time of the great theft. The world was lush and green. Full of life, and danger.


Before the great theft


2.2.12 load testing

Wierd cloning accidents were common place.

6.19.11 sprint4.1-3


After the Great Theft

After The Great Theft,

The grass present is the light green grass that has to be purchased.

7.24.11 sprint5

The starting tutorial was much more open. - S5 - S5.0 Trailer-0

Edge shading

8bitMMO very first trailer! 8bitMMO S5.0 Trailer.  

When Shadows were entered in the world. Contained blue grass, which was later removed :(

8BitMMO - vlog 1 - Player Created Towns

8BitMMO - vlog 1 - Player Created Towns

RobbyZ's very first Vlog: About Player Towns.  

Lobbylist Slugs

New Mob: LobbylistSlug. (Easy to kill)

8BitMMO S8

8BitMMO S8.0 Trailer-0

8bitMMO S8.0 Trailer. 

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