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Hotel city

Hotel city is a beautiful scenic town located at /tele hotel.

it is co-owned by madman2002 and dragonslayerwei

In the middle of the town is the twin hotels. they are two luxurious hotels each filled with 5star rooms.

To the south of the town is a sparkling spring water lake which comes from a roaring waterfall in the north east. The lake is filled with harmless Hipposharks.

Also at the North East of the town is a fishing dock and shack right next to the roaring waterfall which flows down to the lake. You can walk through the waterfall to reach the almighty chair of legolas. Towards the left of the waterfall is a viewing platform.

To the north West of the town there is a Hotel city hall of fame and a endless fountain. Also located at the west side is the Hub and a HOTEL sign.

The madman2002 real estate agency main office is located at the East side. Also located at the East side is the first ever paper art.

The east side holds pixel art of madman2002 and the East side dragonslayerwei.

In the southern west part of the town there is a tall sky tower restaurant made by madman2002. it stands at a zaxis height of over 200.

The northern part of the town has a beautiful garden which grows "certain herbs". when you press e by these "herbs" they gain you 3 health.

Hall of fame

Wei pixel art

/tele hotel