8bit Human (Zloc)

8bit Human

"Day Zero, the all mighty god called for land, and as we know it, Meeps. They had to adapt to the environment with LawyerCats and valuable supplies around them. With the intelligence given to them, they were able to conquer over the Cats and build mighty empires to boost their power around the world. With much of these powers, they must fight with their own race to see who can come up on top." - Encyclopidia 8bitia

The defualt race within the game is this one, the human. It is customizable with different skin colors and clothing that can be adding on they can also get weapons to fight with and blocks to build with. If you were to change into any other race, respawning or dying will change you back into a human. The humans are able to perform PvP and PvE with other players/races. 

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