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The 8bitMMO Shop is categorized specifially into these categories:


  • Hats
  • Shirts 
  • Accesories


  • Carpet
  • Roof
  • Doors
  • Telepads
  • Some items are not in these categories. 



Household Goods

Dungeon items

Sign - Non-Category


Character Customization Items


These items are used for decorating the character, and is a new feature released on the update of the Alpha beta (vSprint 7.2 Build 622) version of the game. Up to the version Sprint 7.2 Build 622 (05/16/2012) there are 3 small categories of character customization items, hats, shirts and accessories.


Hats DEtail(2)

Hats are added to the head of the character, and are sometimes used to 'classify' or divide players.

Hat List.
Item (name) Pirate Hat Roof Hat Grey 'Hat' Wizard Hat Viking Hat

Ridiculously Fancy Top Hat

Duck Baseball Cap

Cowboy Hat

Gold Porkpie Hat Steam Hat
Cost 500G 100G 25G 8P(Plat) 1000G 172P(Plat) Free (Amazon Exclusive) Free (Amazon Exclusive) Free (Amazon Exclusive) Free (OctoberBit MegaBacker) Free (Steam Founder's Pack)



Yarr! It be a tri-corner pirate hat, matey!

Keep the rain off by weaing a roof tile on your head. Technically speaking, this is a boot. I cast magic missle at the darkness! Made from authentic viking. Holy $@&% this is a fancy hat! YOU WANT IT. Hey, I just met you, And this is crazy, But WTF is there a duck on your head? Do you like the sports? I like the sports. Let's talk about the big game. I wrangle wild LawyerCats! (Unknown, please may an Octoberbit backer send us this?) It's made of steam.

The Steam Hat is slightly translucent, so you can slightly see through it.


Shirt List.
Item (name)

Blue Shirt

Blue shirt

Red Shirt


Green Shirt

Green shirt

Track Suit

Track Suit

Pimp Suit

Pimp Suit

Ridiculously Fancy Gentelmen's Suit


Space Shirt

Space Suit
Cost 100 Gold 100 Gold 100 Gold 100 Gold 3000 Gold 172 Platinum 1000 Gold



NA Warning: do not wear near Shatner Not machine washable NA For the modern, upwardly-mobile pimp. HOW IS IT SO FANCY!? This is all the rage in Omega Centuari.


Ninja mask Eye patch Glasses Clown nose
For great badassery. Yarr! Pirates be having substandard vision healthcare. The real reason they wear these is to smell fear.

Weapons and Traps


Hammer - An AOE weapon that does 10 damage. Upon pressing the attack button a beeping noise is heard along with a circle appearing around the player. With a line circling across it. Anything within this circle that is not below you will get damaged. While attacking with this weapon you cannot move, leaving your vulnerable. It may be unintended, but if a player/mob is above you, but inside the circle of attack for the hammer. They will still be damaged by you. This works, even through floors.

RPG Sword - Your starting weapon, 1 damage per hit.

Laser Rifle - Comes with 50 ammo. This weapon costs 600 gold, and it's ammo costs 150 gold. It's rather hard to use. When fired, it shoots a laser that can go through multiple enemies. Does 9 damage per hit. However, you must charge it up for a few seconds before firing. While charging a noise can be heard that slowly gets louder and louder and higher pitched, charging for too long will overcharge the laser, causing you to take 10 damage. A good way to tell if you have charged for too long is if the high pitched noise suddenly turns to a low pitched one, that means you have to fire it within the next second or two.

Gun - Comes with 50 ammo. Shoots through multiple enemies, works great for a column of cats! Deals 3 damage per hit.

Blue Sword - A blue sword that deals 3 damage.

Red Sword - A red sword that deals 6 damage.

To get more ammo for the Gun (Along with the Laser), go into the shop and buy more ammo.

Weapon List
Item (name)

Generic RPG Sword




Blue Sword

Blue Sword2

Red Sword

Red Sword
Cost 5 Gold 100 Gold 100 Gold 500 Gold
Damage Per Hit Does 1 damage/hit Does 3 damage/hit Does 3 damage/hit Does 6 damage/hit



It is dangerous to go it alone. Take this sharp object and try not to cut yourself with it. Pixel Pistol - It shoots Pixels. Yeah, somehow that makes sense. Comes with 50 ammo.


Spikes (1 platinum)

Spikes kill instantly when you move over them. They use to be able to take damage, which has changed.    

Fake Floor (1 platinum)

Fake floors blend in and turn "clear" when walked on causing the character to fall through.

Lazer turret (5 platinum)

Lazer turrets fire a lazer in the cardinal directions and only fire when players are nearby and can be toggled with /townpvp.

Trap List.
Item (name)



Fake Floors


Cost1 Platinum1 Platinum



Kills on contactSolid for you, everyone else falls through it.



Invented for use in dungeons. Due to criticism from multiple sources that it was too hard to find enemies, Robby Zinchak decided to make dungeons (accessible via the new spawn town 'Root') which would house Enemy Mob spawners. After much pleading, begging and general badgering, Robby made it possible to purchase spawners for player use. This has led to more player-made content in the form of custom-made dungeons. To prevent abuse Robby put in the restriction that only 2 spawners (of any kind) can exist in one region simultaneously. Also added to the family of Spawners were key spawners for use of key doors. With the same shape key and the same shape door, you will have access to open it (Key door and key spawners must be located in the same town for process to be succeeded) 

Lawyer Cat Spawner (Cat-5 Tube) 3 Platinum

Spawns those despised felines, the Lawyer Cats.

Congressional Lobbyist Slug Spawner (Slug Rug) 2 platinum

So lazy they only get a custom rug to mark their spawn.

Hipster spawner (Coffee Rug) 3 platinum

Hipster hits you with cans of PBR before they're cool.

Square Key Spawner (Square Key Rug) '2 Platinum 

Players can pick up the square key, which will unlock the square key doors in this dungeon/town.

X Key Spawner (X Key Rug)  4 Platinum

Players can pick up the X key, which will unlock the square key doors in this dungeon/town. 

Triangle Key Spawner (Triangle Key Rug) 4 Platinum

Players can pick up the triangle key, which will unlock the triangle key doors in this dungeon/town. 

Game Reviewer Spawner (Game Reviewer Hat Rug) 3 platinum

Dire Game Reviewer Spawner (Dire Game Reviewer Hat Rug) 4 platinum

Spawner List
Item (name)

LawyerCat Spawner

Cat spawner

Lobbylist Slug Spawner

Slug spawner

Hipster Spawner

Hipster spawner

Square Key Spawner

Square Key

X Key Spawner

X Key
Triangle Key Spawner
Triangle Spawner
Game Reviewer Spawner
Game Reviewer Spawn
Dire Game Reviewer Spawner
Dire Game Reviewer Spawner
Cost 3 platinum 2 Platinum 3 Platinum 2 Platinum 4 Platinum 4 Platinum 3 Platinum 4 Platinum



Lawyercat Spawner Lobbyist Slug Spawner Hipsters hit you with cans of PBR before they're cool.  Players can pick up the square key, which will unlock the square key doors in this dungeon/town. Players can pick up the X key, which will unlock the X key doors in this dungeon/town. Players can pick up the triangle key, which will unlock the triangle key doors in this dungeon/town. Game Reviewer Spawner Dire Game Reviewer Spawner

Building Items

Building items   Carpet
Carpet prices by color
Teal Purple Red
1 gold 10 gold 20 gold
Roofing Furniture

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