First there was nothing... THEN THERE WAS GOD BUT THIS GOD WANTED SUBJECTS SO HE MADE THEM THERE OWN 8BIT WORLD and then he split himself into 3 personas robbyz (the guide) sim9 (the people person helper) and robby zinchack (the game developer that was forced to exist in another realm, earth) and he in listed in the help of his eldest creations draco the architect and sir zombie brains who would teach you the ways of building and design and questing and battle. but then he realized he could not just have his sim9 self run the 8bit paradise so he made a select few of the lowly bit creatures that were more advanced the people or players and a few helpful kind soles became the mods and with that 8bit prospered and got bigger until some players thought it was getting boring and many players left the game that left the god's personas with a predicament without the creativity of players to sustain his life force he/they would die so the robby zinchack part had an idea to come out with more blocks and items to keep people interested and it worked players flocked from the earth realm or robby zinchack to this bitaverse and had such fun there were parties and rejoiceing and even when the game became full access rather than early access there was such fun...

A human named ryank135 got a laptop and played games until his companions xnathanx and Jakeawesome got laptop personal computers as well and then they played games together until they found the 8bitmmo they made towns and towns with high end atmospheres too and bought platinum coins until Jakeawesome recruited people to his fancy but fair town Rocky Springs (/tele rocky) and his low income housing district Rocky City (/tele rc) until he recruited a citizen so fancy THAT EVERY ONE DIED! -THE END :P

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