Player info-


What janebakedbads typically looks like in game.

Nicknames: Jane, Batterwitch

Gender: Female

Emoticons Most Used: :o)  :op  ;o)  ;op  :o(  :o/

Weapon: Red Sword

Class: Revived Player

Notable Contributions: Multiple cake houses and buildings, a cake centric fictional religion. A Mew pixel art on a Faraway Island. Over 100,000 gold to the TSCP in her lifetime.

Cake BuildingsEdit

Janebakedbads is best known for her use of cake blocks, snow blocks, and brick blocks to make buildings that look like large cakes. Such buildings can be seen in popular towns such as Hell, Meow Town, and Nowhere.

Cake Centric ReligionEdit

Many people require motivation to do things. What motivated janebakedbads to build so many large cake buildings? She claims that it was her faith. Her belief in the Cake Gods drove her to build such monuments. 

Some believe that these Cake Gods are a sham, a ploy for Jane to get donations in her safe. Others believe that she is crazy, and determined to gain followers of her cake worshipping to form a Cult. These allegations can neither be confirmed or denied. On a side note, May The Cake Gods Smile Upon You.

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