JonesDekker Edit

He was a good man -Some unidentified admin dude, 2010
JonesDekker with his trusty red sword

JonesDekker on road to central fleetwood


JonesDekker's Peanut Butter Outfit

Who is JonesDekker ? Edit

JonesDekker, the guy who invented the peanut butter outfit. Joined the game in 6/27/2015. Started his carrier in Cipe Town working as "Construction Lender" (basically a guy who give people blocks like dirt, grass,etc.) He got Muted for "spamming" once. Then he found JD Co. Trading Company. First he start a collection carrier collecting rare items but its failed... he manage to win some spleef game awarding him townstone and then gave the townstone to fifee03. Then together Fifee and Jones built a town in a small island known as Fleetwood Island. But then Fifee is unactive and he forget to pay his debt to Jones... Jones quit 8bitMMO. Jones rejoin 8bitmmo and decided to make a clan named oceanboy gang.

Later Life Edit

He is now currently building nothern fleetwood which is off-coast of central fleetwood. he hopes that he can expand his town and begin to expanding the OG territory. He is now currently "owning" Central Fleetwood (Original Town), Western Fleetwood (Town), Western Fleetwood Military Camp (un-owned area), Nothern Fleetwood (un-owned, off-coast area), 1/4 of Pixel Art Park, and his battlestation (LOCATION:REDACTED)