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Kiolo is a well known member of 8bitmmo and has been around since 2009. his day consists of gaming gaming sleeping and 8bitmmo :P kiolo has recently started playing again in search of land and treasure XD

Kiolo recently blew up the worlds last wild wildgrass ever when he accidentally placed a pumpkin and couldnt pick it up fast enough

kiolo is always on a conquest for land and money ... so much that he would die for his loot and land irl srry haters u gotta hate better to get to me lol <>__<> kiolo recently got out of the hospital on friday 13th of august 2016 for getting whipped agressively and he went in on that monday... on august 14 he had a twohundred pound log fall on his left foot whilst carrying it on his shoulder but that is no worry cuz he has another one :P

kiolo is always accepting donations from all people and would love to be gifted land sand items and money

Kiolo is also known as Blake1204 cuddlycreeper shadowdweller and Blake

a little known fact about kiolo : kiolo likes to play all sorts of games including but not limited to 8bitmmo minecraft starbound terraria gta5 and more games im not gonna list cuz theres too much of them :P

Feats Listed Below

On New Years Day Of 2017 Kiolo Finally Got A Publicpad

On April 20th 2017 Kiolo Learned The Secret Of Flight

On Thanksgiving Of 2016 Kiolo Defeated Ender Dragon On Minecraft Wii-U Version Singlehandedly With Snowballs

----- Feel Free To Contribute My Personal Feats If Known

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