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The center of KittyVenia

This is the town of KittyVenia. A medium sized town located south of Origin. It was founded by Ace1214.

It has been expanded twice.

KittyVenia is growing trade city with a very economic 9x9 grid shaped design. Whenever an expansion occours, walls go up along the border. Creating a new district, Currently there is an Outer district and a Central District. In the central district houses cost more money, mainly because there is little room. The central District is home to the Town Hall building.

The outer district has two neighborhoods, Sycamore, wich has housing thats costs 200g, and Elder, wich has free plots.

The town treasury safe is currently located near the Town Stone. The head of the board of Finances for Kittyvenia, currently Reap3r119, is in charge of the tresury.

The town hall is open to all during, and not during meetings. 


Kittyvenia is home to a single buisness at the moment

  • The Original EpicBar


KittyVenia Has not fought any wars

Allegance Status

KittyVenia is neutral to all cities and will not fight in any wars. If someone decides to invade Kittyvenia, They will be met with Difficult, if not impossible entry. All of the teleporters will be dismantled, as well as any doors leading outside being blocked. If someone does get through, the town millitia will fight back.

Closest Neighboring Cities


Cities Who have trade pacts with KittyVenia

Snowville(accepted to ScratsoSun)