It was a long time ago, before the magic of code brought the land of 8bit into eternal daylight, certain players were primordial gods, goddesses, and beings living in primordial towns and palaces, one such palace was Zodia Palace, in it resided Morriganna, because the primordial plane allowed VirgoanSunset97's forms to exist as three separate beings, (Sunset resided in Il Palazzo del Cuore Malvagio, and Bastet resided in the Sphinx at Morriganna's Keep). One evening, there was a knock on the palace gates, Morriganna answered to find that it was a messenger from Xerp's kingdom, "Yes, what does that idiot want now, I already told Xerp that we weren't allies, I have no allies, only a triplet brother and well Bastet is just a being of pure energy, so whatever, and I am still mad at Xerp for what he did to my other brother Athenar, which I will never for-" The messenger cut her off, clearly annoyed, "Xerp requests that you move your family's graveyard so it is out of the way of the Casino Xerp building site, if not then he will remove it for you" The messenger finished reading the parchment as Morriganna's eyes started to glow red and she grew black wings, a set of horns and a long flowing cape. She hovered just above the earth as she spoke. "HOW DARE YOU!" she screams in a voice similar to the voices of demons while possessing people, as a shadowy tentacle splits from her cape and lifts up the messenger so Morriganna could make direct eye contact with the employee of this imbecile, "What is your name you wretched creature?" He stuttered "I SAID WHAT IS YOUR NAME YOU FOOL, ANSWER OR I WILL DRAW THE ANSWER OUT OF YOU USING THE MOST PAINFUL METHODS I KNOW!" Morriganna threatened the poor peasant, "M-my n-name is-" Morriganna cut him off "I ASKED YOU FOR YOUR NAME, NOT TO DEMONSTRATE BEAT BOXING SKILLS, ANSWER WITHOUT PAUSING OR ELSE!!" "My n-name is Tonksdude" the messenger answered. Morriganna went into her calm form and put Tonks down. "Well 'Tonksdude' tell Xerp that he just started a war he won't win" Morriganna said as she closed her palace gates. She turned around and saw the messenger still outside the gates, She quickly made her eyes flash red as she yelled "BOO!" which sent the poor messenger running back to deliver the response from the embodiment of war.

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