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Lego Box was a ordinary Lego Person who was the Grandson of the one and the only, LuckyLego. Currently, he is studying Applied Universe Physics Degree,Advance Energisitcs Degree,Force Physics Degree, practicing flame alchemy and trying to catch the legendary MewTwo


I was a genius in my universe, being able to solve basic maths at the tender age of 3. I studied all the way till I earned my Applied Universe Physics Degree (AUPD),Advance Energistics Degree (AED) and the Force Physics Degree(FPD). I then experimented with it until I discovered the way to make it in portable. Deemed invasive with my discoveries, I then escaped through many new universes, learning new teachings such as alchemy and the force.


LegoBox is capable of using ninjustu along with Blood Alchemy, a fusion of Blood Siphoning and alch emy, thought to be impossible. He also has a masters degree in the AUPD and able to create dimension portals


Over time, LegoBox has collected hundreds and millions of collectables only found in some universes. Over time he has collected:

  • A Charizard
  • A Townstone from 8BitMMO
  • A Symbiote from Marvel
  • A Batarang
  • Meep Sand from an alternate universe of 8BitMMO
  • A Seed of the Pea Shooters 
  • 1-UP Mushroom 
  • Portal Gun
  • A Philospher's Stone
  • A Diamond from Minecraft and etc.

Anything interesting?[]

Contrary to some infomation, LegoBox has versed against Saskue,Red (from Pokemon), SIM FROM AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!, Wolverine, Edward Elric and has met GLadOS, Spiderman, Sackboy and Death himself. (Not including Grim Master Death)

Fun Facts:[]

  • It's been stated that LegoBox has caught his Charizard in a Masterball covered in his red sword
  • LegoBox has beaten the odds, defeating Grandmaster SapphireCoyote in a duel
  • LegoBox has created a deal with the devil, making Pixel Art for him in exchange for another 100 years to his lifespan.
  • LegoBox, in his disguise, looks a lot like a normal buisness man, with only 1 indifference to a normal being. He cannot die. Try to kill him and you will know he is not normal. In his normal state, he actually looks a lot different, with a automatic dispersing mask, with a coat.
  • A once in a lifetime shot of LegoBox
    LegoBox's motto is "Deal with It"
  • LegoBox's body is mostly comprised of "Plastic Stem Cells" or PSC, which can be manipulated by LegoBox to his advantage.
  • LegoBox is ambidextrious and is a duel wielder if in true form.