LEVELING SYSTEMEdit

Note: in order to level up from level 5 to level 6, it only takes on kill, the reason is that if you could not reach level 6 the level 5 items in the shop would be called new forever and thus level 6 was created. Noob players often confuse it as:there is no level 5 but in fact there is. it is NOT a glitch.

The leveling system was added to 8bitmmo on July 5, 2013 as a major update to the game. The Leveling System does exactly what it says, levels you up. The maximum level as of now is 6, but more is to be added to the future.

Ways to Level Up

Players can engage in PvP, PvE and complete quest to level up. There are many significantly great techniques so you can level up quickly. The techniques were player created for your help.

Level Up

Level Up! New items unlocked in Shop.

    On the right of your screen, there is a box containing the quests for you to complete, your objectives. You can gain more "experience" when you complete those quest.You will know you are leveling up when the Leveling Meter on the top of your screen in increasing horizontally. Good techniques on leveling up is by completing Zombie Brains quests every time to help gain more experience. Dungeons are great ways to assist you leveling up as you can directly go to them quickly as possible. Arenas are also good areas to combat in PvP to help gain experience. 


Leveling Meter


As you level up, your HP increases.

Level HP
1 3
2 6
3 8




6 18
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