Story Line

In the Long long ago in the time before time, when the humans appeared so did the LawyerCats. With Lawyercats something else crept in from the black abyss.

With their quick talking and slow moving the Congressional Lobbyist Slugs bartered their way in with the LawyerCats gaining power and prestige with their offers of "free meals" and "vacation homes" in trade for favortism when requested.

One of the many requests made by players was to add more mobs to the game. One such request was to add slugs to the world since they were only available in the tutorial, but were not a naturally occuring enemy in the world.

The Congressional Lobbylist Slubs has a total of only 1HP and had no attack, until a 2014 update, in which it was given the ability to attack. However, the attack does no damage.

Irondude with slugs (actually zone115 but who cares lol)
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