"Luckylego7654 the first ever lego brick to come alive and haunt people. Dun Dun Dunnnn!" Luckylego7654 Is a walking brick, but that doesn't mean he is bad. He is almost too nice, if that is even possible.

He was taught by Nibrudly how to do play, and eventually worked together with other players to make a small town. Energectic gave luckylego7654 a home a little while ago, and it was there where the town was created. (without the townstone) He was pronounced mayor, called the area Luckyville, and built houses, walls, etc. When the land was built, trying to help, a friend of the walking brick accidentally placed a townstone inside this area that was the former luckyville. Doing this, he was made mayor. Very shortly after the change of leader, the town was abandoned as everyone hitched up their bags, and left. The new mayor, kept the town unused. Meanwhile, Luckylego decided that it was safer to get a townstone first, so he worked with his best friend aaadd to obtain one. because it was a plat item, the person who bought it with real money wanted 5000 gold for it. The two friends worked together to get the money required, and soon, the lego one was the true proud owner of a town. Naming after the former town, they called it luckyville. Lots of people joined, and it was the talk of the chat room for a few weeks. very soon, psychotic smiley helped out, he expanded the town three times in a row, built grass all around, and made it an overall better place. The person who stole the old luckyville accidentally, made a town next door. he called it foxtrot, and the two also became friends. aaadd and the person was, however, not friends. They eventually made up, and the world of lego lived happily ever after! *until update 3*

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