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Name: MDJ101

Gender: Owlish

Species: Great Horned Owl

Age: Unconfirmed (Lived with his parents before orphaned, 12-17?)

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Allies: SapphireCoyote, Aster11345 (on occasion), Nateybean, Dashiel, and the Aurians, and the Dream Team.

Enemies: Luckylego, Zloc (never liked me since I tried to kill him: http://8bitmmo.wikia.com/wiki/The_Life_of_The_Known_Assassin ), and Nixtry.

Lifestyle: Carefree Joker, will help his friends if asked to and will fight to the death for his causes.

Quote: "Aster, we could use more clever tactics... I have just the idea!" -MDJ101 @ The Second War of the Lucky Lego.


(Stories made by MDJ101, LET ME WRITE THEM!)

Chapter 1: A new life (First Few Days)

My Mother had never cared for me, and when the time came to make a hard decision my parents had argued over what to do with me. I was their odd kid with abilities and ways they hadn't planned for, I could read emotion behind the curtain of lies that were their chat messages. That was enough to get me by, keep me alive in the long run. I was marked a freak however, my loved ones banished me to an orphanage. I met Draco in this orphanage, he came in one day and said he was "looking for anyone with a knack for building" I lied and told him I once made a Inn built for the masters of my realm. He chuckled at me and said:

"My world could use people like you."

"What would an orphan bring to a place of creativity as you appear to speak of?"

"You don't need to be creative, you need to be somewhat capable of forming your own ideas, even I can't admit to being original all the time, but even our best builders have roots in situations worse than yours, and if you say you can build I'll give you a shot."

"How do we get there?"

"Touch this purple amulet of mine, be warned you only bring your body, mind, and soul. Other materials will be lost in the teleportation."

Not being one to care for my current world, I touched the stone almost immediately and I felt myself divide almost as if I was split into sand sized chunks. I blew in the wind in a dark patch of perhaps, space? I wonder if it is time. It could be so much honestly, I have no idea what Draco had done to me until I woke up in a stranger's house. Utterly freaked out, I ran and just kept on running. I had walked on a floor that didn't truly exist and I fell in. The spikes punctured me brutally, I remember every ounce of pain like it still haunts me. A voice rang in my head, it told me:

"You stepped on spikes, try not to do that"

Chapter 2: Rebirth? Resurrection? How!? (Death of Me)

Chapter 3: Intentions Carry Onward (Town Development)

Chapter 4: "If I see another sword again..." (The Wars of the Lucky Lego)

Chapter 5: "...I'll smite it's user" (Repel My Sins)

Chapter 6: The Disappearance of The Bean (Forever Lost...)

Chapter 7: Lost Lives Remain as Such (Searching... I need him...)

Chapter 8: My Own Disappearance

Chapter 9: Drifting Endlessly... (My End)

Chapter 10: Deception

Chapter 11: FALSE GODS

Chapter 12: Glauxism

Chapter 13: Departure to be a Monk

Chapter X: Credits and Thanks (8bit was a good few months of my life!)