Contest entry.

Created by Sim9 to preserve the construction.

Tenebryn ParkEdit

This is the structure submitted to the "Make Something Awesome" Contest.

The roof consists of a Yin Yang sculpture in which Yin is the actual shadow cast by Yang.

The interior contains an "unstable cave system" with a path from one entrance to the other.

Current StatusEdit

Parts of the original have since been modified to accommodate more interior space which has not yet been filled,

Stairs and detailing are also incomplete while alternative designs are considered.

Mu ThetaEdit



"Micro Theatre" is a small animation that uses overhead clipping to reveal successive frames.

The original design did not account properly for Y-clipping at maximum zoom, and was hastily trimmed to fit. It was also positioned incorrectly.

Future IntentionsEdit

Several projects have fallen behind schedule, including some elsewhere.

Tenebryn Park interior and trim to be completed. In spite of certain restrictions, the new interior size allows for more possible designs than expected. Choosing a design is the main holdup.

The specifications and best location for a 'full-size' theatre have been worked out. If the new theatre is built, Mu Theta will probably be taken down, and possibly rebuilt properly at a better location and with a new script.

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