Making Money Edit

This is a question that is very commonly asked in the chat by new players. How do I make money?

Basic (Old) Method Edit

If you've ever been out in the wilderness, you'll notice that there are LaywerCats appearing frequently. If you aggravate them they will follow and attack you, unless you outrun them. However, you've probably killed it, and went on with your buisness. This has probably occurred to you, but you can hunt LawyerCats for gold. When you've gotten to level 4, go to /tele root (Not /root, or the root from the menu) Take the telepad to the new world, and go off in a certain direction out of the town of Frontier. There will be Game Reviewers all over the water, so just buy a few cheap blocks to get out to sea, and start the farming! Of course, this method is absolutely terrible but it's a start, right?

Common Method (Zoo & Megazoo) Edit

If you've already asked the question, how do I make money, if there was a useful person online, they would tell you to go to "/tele zoo". The Zoo was made by kjh787, with seasonal decorating (I think) by TheGreatOnion. The zoo is completely full with farming booths for different enemies. Be careful around the walls, because you may be crowded, and die easily. When you tele in, you will see a pocketpad (top right), a wildepad (Center right), an egg in a case, collect with e (bottom right), a public box (anyone can put or take anything in or out of this box) (Top left), a safe (center left), and a rewardblock, again, collect with e.

If you're just starting out, (lowest level possible to tele in), go to the LaywerCats for now. Once you have a blue sword, go to the left, towards the Game Reviewer spawners and farm there. Once you have your all-powerful red sword, start using /tele megazoo instead. It is proper etiquette to wait if all the farming booths are in use, but if someone's afk, just go in. With proper timing, you can make 4k gold in an hour!

Other Methods Edit

You can use your own spawners and place them inside your pocket universe. Try and find a spot where you can have 4 spawners in the same place. This method is better than the first, but most will just stick with the Zoo.

Other spawners:/tele 420 (Add More!)

Thanks for making it this far, and enjoy your gold!

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