Mystery boxes were released on 17th of January 2015. They were released with the massive spawner price decrease , 2kblock and +250 expand blocks in store and gold cycle upgrade. At first the price was only 1800. A mystery box could only be opened by the owner and when opened, they would turn into a random plat item excluding fake floors, townstones, large boxes, rewardblocks, clothing items, key doors, level doors or zombification. The box could also enter rare mode which had a 1 in 10 chance of happening where it would only open after 1 minute and would grant you one of the following: publicpad, 2k expand block, +250 expand block, "Water" and wildepad. Player complained to Robbyz that the mystery boxes were breaking the economy so Robbyz made the chance of getting a rare box higher and made the plat item you received biased towards lower plat items and dungeon items. He also increased the price to 3750 gold per box (but not before xerp used 100k on them)

A mystery box can only be opened by the person who placed it, Like [1]Bitmas Gifts.
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