The Beginning

New Snowpoint started when the majestic kings of everything went to colonize it. The majestic king of everything died and then catsniper rebelled, only him. He single-handily killed the whole army.

DragonslayerWei and catsniper then made a small town out of it.


One time in New Snowpoint in the 60's, aliens invaded from the planet Arrf, and we called it , Invasion of the Idiotic Dog Snachers. They weren't sure if they were aliens. Catsniper even said,"aliens are as possible as a man on the moon." Then the dogs let them know that they were as real as the British Invasion of U.S in the 60's .As catsniper took down the greatest army in 8bitworld, he and DrangonslayerWei could easily destroy this army, since he is also know for fighting dragons. And they did, turns out they didn't get a scratch in this battle. Later catsniper said ,"That's jive man," and DragonslayerWei said, " That's ten year in the future, wrong time."

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