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Welcome To New York City Page!

This Town Can Be Found At Brunosilva5's Pocket Universe.

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Day of establishment: 04 March 2014

Height: town is being built at 56 z axis lock

Feature: everyone that own a plot can have their own cave/basement

Size: 144x144 blocks

12x12 regions

Prices For Each Week: 15x15: 500gold

                             15x32: 1200gold

Permanent Prices(must place sign in plot with the latest day active):              15x15 10000gold

-this kind of price is limited to some plots                                                         32x15 24000gold

Plot Size: there are 2 types of plots: 15x15 square and Wide or Tall 15x32 blocks

The big one at middle is the townstone/future Town Hall place

Payment Option: Rent or permanent


-All Town Menbers MUST read this page!!!

-Only Level 3 or higher are able to pass trought the townstone place

-Only Build Inside your plot, dont build in the cement border

-Dont start Building in the floor(unless its the cave), houses are built at 56 z axis lock and below is for caves only

-Every plot must have a sign with the last day which the owner logged in!

-The 4 Wide/Tall Plots that surround the TownStone/Future townhall are Reserved For Town Stuff

-Each Player Can Have 2 Plots Max, If that player fails to pay both rents, both houses are put down.

-For all plots the max inactive days are 3, when the sign with last day logged in is 3days old, player is kicked.

-There is no need for Homestone unless the player wants, town is easy to go "/tele nyc"

-If a player owns 2 plots they can be merged with a cost of +15% on week rent(or +25%perm price)

-Every plot must have a sign in the bottom right corner of the cement border(Owner Name).

-If a player is going out of game for few days, player should pay rent for all that time or take out all the blocks.