Modern Origin

"In the beginning, there was nothing. And then Sim9 created Origin."

Origin is the first town ever made. The mayor is Sim9. It was once the spawn point for all players, and has remained the capital city even through the spawn change to Root.

Origin is next to Tutorial Origin and Origin Castle.

"Origin was a beautiful city, unspoiled by the ravages of the lawyercats that made their home in the wilderness. And then Sim9 created life."

Though it is the oldest town in 8bit, Origin soon became overcrowded. People started building out into the wilderness, and Origin grew in size until it made up a significant part of the world. But not all were satisfied.

"Soon, many became dissatisfied with 8bitMMO. They left this world, in favour of other lands. Origin slowly deteriorated, and few remained."

As people left 8bit, their houses remained abandoned in the wilderness surrounding Origin. This in turn discouraged others from building there, due to the increasing difficulty in reaching useable space. This once thriving town became deserted, used only as a telepad station to better places. There was no suitable building land for miles in any direction. Discarded spike traps deterred travelers. And so Sim9 created Root, and made walls to ensure it remained unspoiled by civilization.

Nowadays, Origin is used mostly as a telepad station, and as the closest easily accessible point to 0,0.

Origin is no longer a capital city and only citizens can build. During october bit 2014 backers who backed enough money were allowed one large origin plot or 10x "water". xerp and retsejnomis took the plot while kjh787 took the "water"

Part of origin is also in the south of /root. this is an unknown game bug which sim9 i aware of but may not fix.

Origin. Mayor Sim9.


  • Capital city of 8bit
  • Telepad station
  • Nearly at 0,0
  • Original spawn point
  • Contains the tutorial building (actually at Tutorial Origin)
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