Pembroke Pembroke is a town made for new players. The mayor is martinbrennan428. . Below is a list of some basic town rules. Read them then talk to any of the town staff.

  • Only build in your plot and only 1 story buildings.
  • Respect your neighbors.
  • When you buy a plot you have one month to keep it. If you want to keep it longer just tell me that you want to renew your plot. This is completely free so don't worry. I will place a sign outside of you house saying when you have to renew.
  • No unfinished houses! If you don't finish your house after 1 week of purchase you will be removed from the town and you will have to pay a fee to get your plot back!
  • Be involved with the town! This isn't a rule but feel free to leave signs and chat at town hall!
  • If you wish to expand or buy another plot it costs 3x the price for the first then 5x for the second.
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