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Pikachu789 is an active member on 8bitmmo. He owns thirteen towns. About half of which are project towns. Right now the only active towns being used for housing are Combustion and Electro.

Pikachu is known for selling plat items for cheap, since after returning after a 1 year leave, he was confused as to what the gold to plat ratio was. He now wears one of these outfits: a beard, red shirt and steam hat; An eye patch, a gray shirts, and the Breaking Bit; or an eye patch, a sea waves shirt, and the steam hat.

He used to be a little pika who joined on April 19th 2012. He had fun and first played this game on kongregate. He was a noob. Just a huge absolutely horrible noob. Then he got cool and made a town called Electro. Electro went to war with the town Red Snow by Trololo. After the war was finished with a peace treaty my town was griefed. Pikachu quit 8bit for 6 months (roughly). He came back and saw none of his old friends were on. Just noobs. Absolute noobs. So he left. He came back after another 6 months and saw none of his friends were on. So he left. Now he is here now, and we are blessed by his presence.