Player Quests are quests made by players. They can be started by talking to Sir Zombie Brains in Root after completing his first two quests. It is random what player quest you will get.

Player Quest by retsejnomisEdit

Come through the maze to get the reward block! Bonus safe has yet to be cracked!

Player Quest by StarxStoneEdit

Welcome to 8bitmmo. To do this quest you mst follow the signs in noobis and gain the keys. A little tip watch out for the spikes.

Player Quest by DrugCrazedRebelEdit

Hidden Pirate treasure!

Player Quest by DrugCrazedRebelEdit

Yet another hidden treasure...

Player Quest by DrugCrazedRebelEdit

Not another hidden treasure?!

Player Quest by setkEdit

Follow the roof roads to my obstacle course. Have fun, and remember, this obstacle course was originally WAY more difficult!! -setk

Player Quest by kjh787Edit

The zoo is the #1 Gold/XP Farm in the entire game. It is so awesome that sim9 refuses to connect it to root. (Economic Collapse Anyone?) You can visit the zoo by doing "/tele zoo". The rewardblock for quest is on a road south of the zoo.

Player Quest by kjh787Edit

The zoo is the #1 goldfarm in the game. Come visit us by doing /tele zoo

Player Quest by ZootyEdit

Find the reward block that is hiding in bitsville. You can get here with /tele bit

Player Quest by BetaRulerEdit

Forest of Confusion, many have lost their way searching for the reward inside this forest, may you find your way hero.

Player Quest by RcPangit25Edit

Go To Fun and Find The Reward Block.To Go To Fun /tele Fun

Player Quest by ToxicPenguin_Edit

Here lies C4Heli, raid his tomb and take the loot!

Player Quest by JimmyEdit

this fucking sucks for ever and sucks my dick.

Player Quest by zloc6Edit

Greetings young assassin, this is how things are going to work out: The location of the rewardblock is at -44, -69. Say /loc to see your location. Got it Private? Get to work! Hint: flows like a fountain, obvious like a mountain.

Player Quest by ResurrectionEdit

Welcome young Traveller. Take the adventure to Hyrule Castle and go through the castle until you find Zelda(Rewardblock)!!!

Player Quest by HoboNinjaEdit

Hey I heard there was some treasure in that there town down yonder... Why don't you dig around in the garden a bit, maybe it's in there. (Hint: To "dig" just hit the E button where the plants/ground look a bit off)

Player Quest by Reaver76Edit

Once through the telepad, follow the path going to right, and complete the obstacles. Read the signs for hints. Also /tele challenge course will get you there.

Player Quest by shckyEdit

Try and find the reward block!!! Watch out pvp is on..

Player Quest by b1naryEdit

Welcome to Switzerland. Find the reward block and enjoy your stay :) You may always come back with /tele swiss

Player Quest by ValueEdit

type /tele Hell to go to Hell's castle to try and find the castle's hidden treasure, be sure to look everywhere!

Player Quest by EvilXenonEdit

Adventure through the land of Hyrule, explore uncharted lands and fend off evil!

Player Quest by SnakeZXZEdit

Prove that you are truly worthy of the treasure that lies in The Temple of the Snake. your journey begins in the questpad that is in Root. After taking it, go down two teles. You will find yourself in a room. Leave and head South-East

Player Quest by ShmeaseEdit

Climb the tower if you dare!!! (cue evil laughter)... Ok, seriously. Just climb the stairs to get to the top of the tower. It's not hard.

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