Now including Sharky because he asked for it.

So I first found out about 8bitmmo while I was searching for free games on Steam. Looked interesting, and I was always looking for a game with 8bit graphics :D

So I joined in and the community was really helpful. There was a talking onion, an animal made of gems, a landshark (I wonder who that is *cough*) and some other things/people

For some reason (I can't remember why) I stopped playing

Then I came back and the community got smaller, but I met certain people that I didn't know.

Like a guy with a bum fir a chin.

Welp, then Sharky and SapphireCoyote introduced me to the Regius Sapphirus clan. Lots of nice people there.

Now, almost every day, I come online just to talk to people. It's a nice community, people.

Oh, I forgot. This is a fanfiction. Hold on a moment.



The end.

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