"The all mighty RobbyZ came down to land once more to reveal another class of races. Many thought he made this race because he craved for them so much. He zapped on of the humans and transformed them into a potato. Many were stunned, but then were excited for this new race." - Encyclopidia 8bitia

The potato race. It looks suspicious. Weird

When trying to chat as a potato, your words will be turned into ...... when talking in 3rd person with /me it turns into *potato (name) grows quietly in the earth.

it was also said by sim9 that he made the potato race on a friday when he was very bored. Players are now asking for sim9 to be more bored these days. Potato race costs 10gold. You will turn back to normal after re spawning. Sim9 is known to be able to turn players into potatoes if they are misbehaving, with the admin command /potato.

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